Geography Worksheets

Worksheets about places, regions, or landmarks in the United States.

U.S. States


Fishing In America Matching Game

Students take turn fishing a fish from the pile and guessing the capital city of each state, keeping as many as they guess correctly. The player with the most fish wins!

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Fishing and matching

Use these blank fishies to make your own matching games, print as many as you need. Put math problems on them, history dates, vocabulary drills… or anything else you can think of!

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Alphabet_States_GameStates Alphabetization Game

Cut up the list of states, scramble them up, and arrange them back into the correct alphabetic order. Be the fastest in the class!

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Regions and Cultures


Pueblo Maze


Use the ladders and ramps to find your way through the pueblo from the green pot, to the yellow pot. Mind the maize in the maze!

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