Holidays Worksheets and Activities

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Happy Holidays Coloring Banner

happy-holidays-coloring-bannerThis is a great craft project for the class or just one child.

President’s Day

If You Were President: The $25 Bill

IfYouWerePresident-MoneyWhat would you want this currency to look like?

If You Were President: Portrait

IfYouWerePresident-PortraitYour student can create their own presidential self portrait.

If You Were President: Three Serious Questions

president-three-questionsWhat would your student envision her role as president to be?

Valentine’s Day

Decorate Your Valentine’s Day Bag

DecorateYourValentinesBag1Cut out any of these Valentine’s Day decorations to personalize a box, bag, or card.

Decorate Your Valentine’s Day Bag #2

DecorateYourValentinesBag2Personalize a box, bag, or card with any of these Valentine’s Day decorations; just cut them out and glue them on!

Decorate Your Valentine’s Day Bag #3

DecorateYourValentinesBag3Decorate a  bag or card with these Valentine’s Day items. Stick them everywhere!

Connect the Valentine’s Game

ConnecttheValentinesGameThis is a Valentine’s Day version of the classic connect-the-dots game.

St. Patrick’s Day

Connect the Shamrocks Game

connect-the-shamrocks-gameA twist on a favorite.

Earth Day

What Harms Our Planet?

what_harms_our_planetCan your student decide what is harmful to our environment?


Connect the Easter Eggs Game

connect-the-easter-eggs-gameAn “eggsellent” adaptation of a classic game.

Fourth of July and other Patriotic Holidays

Fireworks Puzzle

Fireworks-Concentric-PuzzleThis is a very easy puzzle for younger students. It only has 3 pieces, which are rotated into position to form the finished picture. (Some assembly required)


Jack-o-Lantern Maze

jack-o-lanternmazeThe evil jacks have stolen the candy corn from the bats! Help them to find it.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Maze

halloween-pumpkin-patch-mazeThis is an extremely easy maze for very young students.

Connect the Jack-o-Lantern

Connect_the_Jack-O-LanternsThis is a twist on the connect_the_dots game we all played as kids.

Halloween Word Search

Halloween_Word_Search_1An easy Halloween word search for your little one.

Halloween Bookmarks

bookmarks-halloween-2There are four different Halloween bookmarks per page.

Bats Bookmarks

bookmarks-halloween_batsBats fill the full moon sky over the haunted house.

Colorable Halloween Bookmarks

colorable-bookmarks-halloween-1A set of four Halloween bookmarks that your little readers can color.


Connect the Pumpkins Game

ConnectthepumpkinsJust like the dots game we played as kids.

Thanksgiving Match Game

ThanksgivingMatchGamePlayers take turns matching these colorful Thanksgiving cards.


Christmas Word Search

ChristmasWordSearchFind each Christmas item in this easy word search!

Five Golden Rings Phrase Maze

five-golden-rings-phraze-mazeHow many times can you find the phrase “Five Golden Rings” within this mix of jumbled letters?

Letter to Santa

LettertoSantaThis simple letter to Santa is the perfect way to help your student learn to write letters, and also to let dear ol’ Santa know what’s on the list!

Santa Countdown

christmas countdownNow your little one will know exactly how many days until Santa makes his big appearance.

Santa’s Reindeer Word Search

santas-reindeer-word-searchFind all of Santa’s reindeer names in the puzzle.

Wreath Coloring Page and Word Search

WreathWordSearchandcoloringpageTwo activities in one! A Christmas coloring page and a word search.

Christmas Matching Game

ChristmasMatchGameThis is a simple, quick and fun game, perfect for passing time while waiting for Santa’s big arrival!

Connect the Ornaments Game

ConnecttheOrnamentsGameThis is a variation on an old favorite.

Ornament Matching Game

OrnamentsMatchGameWho can make the most matches in this matching game? Shuffle the cards and take your turn with a friend or two!

Lyrics for Jingle Bells

JingleBellsLyricsThis is quite possibly the first Christmas song any child will learn, and few children will require the lyrics written down for them… but if they do you’ll be glad to have this handy sheet.

Lyrics for The Twelve Days of Christmas

twelve-days-of-christmas-lyricsAny group of children will have a great time learning this favorite Christmas carol!

Lyrics for We Wish You a Merry Christmas

WeWishYouaMerryChristmaslyrics“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” is a very lively carol, one of the favorites for kids of any age, and fun to learn.

Merry Christmas Coloring Banner

merry-christmas-coloring-bannerThis festive banner will be great for a class project and Christmas decoration.

Draw the Christmas Bell

draw-the-christmas-bellKids learn to draw a simple shape using a grid, and can color the page if they wish.

Draw the Christmas Stocking

draw-the-christmas-stockingKids learn to use a grid to draw a Christmas stocking. They can also color the drawing.

Draw the Christmas Tree

draw-the-christmas-treeKids learn to use a grid to draw a Christmas tree.

Draw Santa’s Sleigh

draw-the-sleighThis worksheet teaches a student to draw a simple sleigh.

Draw the Snowman

draw-the-snowmanKids learn to use a grid to draw a Christmas snowman.


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