DecorateYourValentinesBag1Decorate Your Valentine’s Day Bag

Cut out any of these Valentine’s Day decorations to personalize a box, bag, or card.

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DecorateYourValentinesBag2 Valentine’s Day Bag Decorations

Personalize a box, bag, or card with any of these Valentine’s Day decorations; just cut them out and glue them on!

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DecorateYourValentinesBag3Decorate a Valentine’s Day Bag

Decorate a bag or card with these Valentine’s Day items. Stick them everywhere!

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colorable-bookmarks-halloween-1Colorable Halloween Bookmarks

A set of four Halloween bookmarks that your little readers can color and share.

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Happy Holidays Coloring Banner

This is a great craft project for the class or just one child. Thirteen festive letters to color!

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merry-christmas-coloring-bannerMerry Christmas Coloring Banner

This festive banner will be great for a class project and Christmas decoration.

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