Johnny Appleseed Maze

Help Johnny find his way from the farm to old mill in this colorful maze.

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   Pueblo_mazePueblo Maze

Use the ladders and ramps to find your way through the pueblo from the green pot, to the yellow pot. Mind the maize in the maze!

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Find the Way to Your Valentine’s Heart Maze

Your little cupids will have fun working their way through the heart maze and finding the perfect target for their arrow!

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jack-o-lanternmazeJack-o-Lantern Maze

The evil jacks have stolen the candy corn from the bats! Help them to find it.

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halloween-pumpkin-patch-mazeHalloween Pumpkin Patch Maze

This is an extremely easy maze for very young students.There are very few wrong turns possible.

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Maze

This fairly simple maze is great for some holiday fun!

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Halloween_Word_Search_1Halloween Word Search

An easy Halloween word search for your little one. There are twelve words to find.

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Twelve Days of Christmas  Word Search

Find each of the words or phrases from the list hidden in the puzzle.

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ChristmasWordSearchChristmas Word Search

Find each Christmas item in this easy word search! There are 16 words to find and they can go in any direction.

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five-golden-rings-phraze-mazeFive Golden Rings Phrase Maze

How many times can you find the phrase “Five Golden Rings” within this mix of jumbled letters?

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santas-reindeer-word-searchSanta’s Reindeer Word Search

Find all of Santa’s reindeer names in the puzzle. There are only 9  to find, and the words can go in any direction.

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WreathWordSearchandcoloringpageWreath Coloring Page and Word Search

Two activities in one! A Christmas coloring page and a word search. There are eight tiny words to find. You see what I did there… eight… tiny…words.

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MusicalInstrumentsWordSearchMusical Instruments Word Search

Find each of the musical instruments from the list in the puzzle. The words can go any direction.

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christmas countdownSanta’s Christmas Countdown

Now your little one will know exactly how many days until Santa makes his big appearance as they cross them off and anticipation grows!

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