Patriotic Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for American Patriotic Holidays and the Story of America


The American Revolution


Betsy-RossBetsy Ross Coloring Page

According to legend, she made our nations first flag.

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Fourth of July/ Independence Day

Happy4thofJulyColoringPageHappy 4th of July Coloring Page

A star spangled coloring page for our nation’s independence day.

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The American Flag


americanflagcoloringpageAmerican Flag Coloring Page

Your student can color our nations flag, and cut it out to put on their wall or in their window.

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SimplifiedAmericanFlagSimplified American Flag Coloring Page

This flag coloring page is for the very earliest of young artists. It’s been simplified to give more space between the stars and wider stripes for the little hands to navigate with their crayon.

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U.S. Presidents


George Washington Coloring Page

Your student can color our nation’s first president.

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Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page

Students can color our 16th president,  Abraham Lincoln’s, portrait.

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John F. Kennedy Coloring Page

Your student can color our nation’s 35th president.

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