St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration

The class will need plenty of green crayons!


Celtic Cross Coloring Page

Students can color the old cross standing in the fields.

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Celtic Knots Coloring Page

Students will love these Celtic knots and spirals for some coloring fun.

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Celtic Spiral Coloring Page

This is an intricate design for students  to color.

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Happy Leprechaun Coloring Page

Happy Irish Day to you, your class, your family!

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Leprechaun Coloring Page

They’ll probably never get his pot o’ gold, but students may get a little bit of the luck of the Irish!

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Pot of Gold Coloring Page

What Luck! A pot of gold, a rainbow AND dozens of four leaf clovers for your students to color!

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 Shamrock Coloring Page

Your youngsters can color the lucky clover to have a little bit o’ fun.

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