Nutrition Coloring Pages

This is our full menu of nutrition or food related coloring pages.

Apple and Pear Coloring Page

apple-and-pear-coloring-pageSuch a simple little page to get little artists warmed up!

Apple Coloring Page

apple-coloring-pageThis coloring page is so simple that even a beginner will be successful!

Apple Starts With A

AppleandLetterAThis is a multipurpose worksheet and coloring page about the letter A.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast Coloring Page

eatahealthybreakfastcoloringpageEat a healthy breakfast every morning!

Eat More Salad Coloring Page

eat-more-saladSalad is a great nutritional choice and students can color the wide variety of ingredients on this page.

Family Dinner With the Noodlehoppers Coloring Page

PastaBunniesFamily time at the dinner table can be a wonderful time, and these little Noodlehopper babies just can’t wait to get started!

Fresh Veggies Coloring Page

freshveggiescoloringpageYour child will learn about fresh veggies as she colors the corn, lettuce and radish!

Fruit and Veggies Coloring Page

fruit_and_veggies_coloring_pageThis lively troop of veggies and fruit send a great message, and bring some coloring fun!

Fruit Cart Coloring Page

fruitcartcoloringpageColor the fruit vendor, his cart, the huge umbrella, and all of theĀ  Wonderful fruit!

Fruit Coloring Page

fruitcoloringpageYour first grader can color this plate of yummy fresh fruit!

Grapes Coloring Page

GrapesColoringPageWhether purple or green, grapes are fun to eat and color too!

Grapes Starts With G

GrapesandletterGThis worksheet will help your student to make the letter G and build coloring skills as well.

Milk and Cookies Coloring Page

milkandcookiescoloringpageMmmmm! Milk and cookies are the perfect after homework snack. Sit your first grader down with this coloring page and a well deserved treat!

Milk Coloring Page

milkcoloringpageSend a healthy message to your first grader… milk is good for her!

Pear Coloring Page

PearColoringPageThis is a very easy page to color, a success is sure to come!

Pear Starts With P Coloring Page

PearandletterPThis has several lessons in one, printing practice, letter sound recognition, and a bit of artistic practice.

Thanksgiving Dinner Coloring Page

ThanksgivingDinnerColoringPageYour little one will have a great time coloring this turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It will be a great activity while they watch the parades and wait for the big feast!

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