Pre-K and Kindergarten Worksheets



color-and-shapes-flash-cardsColors and Shapes Flash Cards

Students will practice color and shape recognition with this set of flash cards.

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color-flash-cardsColor Flash Cards

Students will learn nine basic colors in this flash card set.


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WhatColorisThisWhat Color is This?

Your kindergartner will be asked to identify different colors on similar shapes as well as read and write the names of the colors.

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MatchingPicturesMatching Pictures

An apple is an apple, an orange is an orange… but which two pictures from a set are the same? Your Pre-K student will be asked to pair up each set of objects.

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WhichWordsRhymeWhich Words Rhyme?

Which of these things rhyme with each other? Students will match the correct pairs of rhyming words.

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RhymingWordsRhyming Words

Your student will be asked to match the two words
in a group which rhyme.

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