Animals Coloring Pages

Our animal coloring pages are arranged into several very basic categories. You can browse them below, or use the search tool at the right.

Farm Animals

Cow Coloring Page

Color this cow HAPPY as she munches on some green grass!

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Duck Coloring Page

This mama duck and her ducklings are taking a stroll on the farm
by the pond.

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Pigs Coloring Page
These three little pigs are hungry… where is the farmer with their breakfast?

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Rooster Coloring Page
Color the Rooster, and his fuzzy little chicks too!

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Sheep Coloring Page
Sheep-coloring-pageColor the wooly little sheep in her grassy pasture!

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Wild Animals

Armadillos Coloring Page

armadillos-coloring-pageColor this armadillo family and their little friend!

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Birds in a Nest Coloring Page

Color this happy little family of birds!

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Badger Coloring Page

badger-coloring-pageThis little critter is so misunderstood. Your child can get to know him better while spending some coloring time with him.
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Ladybugs Coloring Page

Your little one will have a great time coloring the polkadottiest of all the bugs!
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Caterpillar Coloring Page

Caterpillars love to munch, munch, munch… a bunch, bunch, bunch! Color this hungry little butterfly baby and be sure to give her lots of colorful leaves to feast on.

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Bumblebee Coloring Page

A happy little bumblebee rests on a flower on a sunny spring day.
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Birds On a Rainbow
These silly little birds just LOVE to sit on the rainbow!
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Dinner With the Noodlehoppers
Family time at the dinner table can be a wonderful time, and these little Noodlehopper babies just can’t wait to get started!
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It’s Raining Bunnies Coloring Page
Down, down, down they go… what colors she’ll make them, we don’t yet know!
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